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The IRT TV SHOW will be composed of predominantly live performances, and incorporate the stylized dances created specifically around Reggae and  Afro Caribbean poly-rhythms such as Soca and Reggaeton music.. Momentum is maintained by lacing segments with entertainment news stories, exclusive set visits, first looks at up-coming films, music videos, fashion, comedic endeavors, one-on-one interviews with celebrated talent and the food that is an integral part of the culture
(our jerk style food is world renowned).

Reggae Music

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Watch The International Reggae Train from anywhere in the world. The show will be streamed on our website and coming to a station near you.

The Best Reggae from Around the World

Jamaica is the birthplace and spiritual homeland of reggae music, but it is a thriving musical style in countries all around the world. Primary filming of The International Reggae Train will take place in Manhattan, but we will visit prominent reggae communities across Europe and around the world, including:

  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • The UK
  • Germany
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Spain


Stay tuned for upcoming reggae events around the world. The International Reggae Train will feature all the latest news on schedules, venues, and artists. Stay Tuned for The IRT TV Show EPK.


Music is the engine of The International Reggae Train so all aboard as we feature today's trending artists and classic acts from reggae history. 

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Culture & Lifestyle

There's more to reggae than music. We explore the history, evolution and impact of Reggae and Afro Caribbean Poly Rhythmic music on global society. Keep your finger on the pulse of the reggae community with the latest in trending topics, including artist news, fashion, dress, and style.

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